Bioinformatics Algorithms

Today I received one of the best recent Bioinformatics books - Bioinformatics Algorithms by Phillip Compeau & Pavel Pevzner! Whether you are a specialist or a beginner this is a must read for you. The first time I found this course was in 2013 when I needed and wanted to learn the basics of Bioinformatics. It was a simple Coursera course that was just launched. In only a couple of years it has become a comprehensive course with several specializations. These two books are basically a summary of those Coursera specializations.

In addition I would also highly recommend this educational resource: It was made by the same people and contains a whole bunch of bioinformatics exercises. It’s a lot of fun, please have a look!

That’s all for now, I am off to read some really cool stuff, hope you can share my excitement!

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